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February 26, 2024

None other than UFC featherweight champion Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski was featured in a very engaging commercial promoted by Sportsbet.com.au on X for #UFC298. The Great will defend his title against the undefeated Ilia ‘El Matador Topuria’ for the event. I could carry on all day about how unorthodox this piece of content was, from the references, gimmicks, and sneaky verbal trades to Ilia. However, as a sports marketing geek, I’m going to speak about a minute detail: re-branding.

X post of Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski’ promoting his upcoming feature ahead of #UFC298 against Ilia ‘El Matador’ Topuria

If you pay attention when the video hits 1:39, you notice X is referred to, and Volkanovski responds, “What’s X?” As most of us know, Twitter has rebranded to X now, but from my perspective, many are still referring to it as Twitter.

I made a thread about re-branding towards the end of last week, which you can view below.

Got to be one of my favourite bits of content this week 🤣

I’m always asking people to take off their shoes when popping into my flat lol

Here’s some marketing lessons that can be learnt from this…

Time for a thread 🧵 https://t.co/QkOfcDajFN

— Ash (@AshSportsMedia) February 9, 2024
X thread produced by AshSportsMedia providing a re-branding marketing breakdown

It’s obvious that when a brand or personality re-brands, it will take time for the macro to get used to it. For example, when referring to a new username, getting used to a new logo etc. However, Twitter isn’t the only platform to experience this; many brands across the fight game have as well, such as BT Sports, experiencing the takeover by TNT Sports; let’s explore.

Practice brand consistency

Practice consistency through the captions of your posts to promote the re-brand to make your audience aware of the transition you’ve made 💡 pic.twitter.com/geKWf1HQHg

— Ash (@AshSportsMedia) February 9, 2024
X post from UFC on TNT Sports promoting. #UFCVegas86

Last weekend, Jack ‘the joker’ Hermansson competed against Joe Pyfer at UFC Vegas 86. Paying meticulous attention to detail, there’s plenty of notes that fighters, brands and promotions can take away when re-branding. Some of these involve consistency in the caption format, with ‘TNT Sports & discovery+ being included alongside the colour codes affiliated with the TNT Sports brand.

Pay meticulous attention to detail regarding assets from the fight game and promote them through content. This can be anything, such as gum shields, shorts variations, video formats, promotion orientated sponsors, personal sponsors etc. 💡 pic.twitter.com/Tkt9UbhHAA

— Ash (@AshSportsMedia) February 9, 2024
X thread from AshSportsMedia promoting Yoel ‘the soldier’ Romero when he was competing under the Professional Fighters League.

Earlier this year, First Round Management representative Abraham Kawa posted a video of Yoel ‘the soldier’ Romero wrapping his gloves under the Professional Fighters League. It’s a big step for any fighter transitioning from another promotion, and Abraham has done a good job at curating this piece of content to communicate that message. Whether you’re an upcoming fighter, brand or a promotion, there are many ways you can transfer this marketing lesson. These involve using assets with strong affiliation to the fight game, such as gum shields, sponsor logos, and different variations of promotional shorts alongside branded video formats.

Consistency with branding and captions

Screenshot of an X post from AshSportsMedia sharing a carousel of posts from X account, Hitman Promotions.

Crossover Boxer, Slim ‘the hitman’ Albaher, has recently started his own fight promotion, Hitman Promotions. Each of the graphics promoting different themes of content follow the same brand tone. What I mean by this is from a colour grading, caption, tone-of-voice and industrial perspective. The impact this has on the consumer is noticing that the moment they see a colour code of black and white over time, they’ll begin to notice it’s a Hitman Promotions posts via muscle memory.

Ash’s Sports Marketing class is now dismissed, by all means if you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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