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February 26, 2024

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has given a rare update on the show’s stolen Ford Fiesta which was taken while filming last summer.

Mike and co-host Marc Priestley had delicately restored a Fiesta Mk1 as a special tribute to the iconic model which was discontinued by the American giant last year.

After painstaking work had gone into the project, the team were set to present the finished product at a special motoring show in Yorkshire.

However, just hours ahead of the big unveiling, production crews woke to find the car and trailer had been stolen from a hotel car park.

Mike and Marc frantically took to social media in a desperate plea to find the Fiesta but no trace of the car has been seen since.

No updates had been given for months but Mike admitted nothing had changed over the weekend.

The Wheeler Dealers star even claimed he “doubts” the model will ever be discovered almost a year since it went missing.

It came after X user James Corcoran asked Mike if there was any chance the vehicle had been discovered.

@jbcustomsjxn posted: “I know it happened [last] year but wondering if the Fiesta has been recovered as of yet? Has to be disheartening after all the work put into it.”

Hours later, Mike simply replied: “Fiesta still stolen. If it’s recovered, which I very much doubt now I would shout about it on social media.” (sic)

Mike purchased the plucky Fiesta for just £4,000 after negotiating down from the seller’s £5,000 price tag.

The duo then spent a whopping £11,200 on repairs with a particular focus on rebuilding the engine, fitting new water and oil pumps and bodywork changes.

Mike has previously revealed that the car was one of their “proudest ever achievements”

He stressed there were only four left in the country making it a “really important car” for the team to work on.

Mike said it was “losing a child” and pledged to keep the car on a plinth at the Wheeler Dealer’s garage if it was ever found.

He has even offered a £5,000 reward for any information which will lead to the discovery of the car.

He previously told Express.co.uk: “There were times when Elvis was working at 10-11pm at night on the bodywork, it was hideous.

“There were times I was driving the length and breadth of the country to try and find the bits that put this car back together. It was a big, big task for us. It was a massive task.

“So to find out the car was stolen the morning we woke up to film it at a Ford Fiesta meeting, it really really hurt. And it was incredibly raw.

“Still today even though the show has aired, and we’ve had millions of people all over the world say we’ve watched the show, they thought it was fantastic and how sad the end was, we still have no answer. We have still not found the car.”

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